A fast-paced board game where the tables can be turned in anyones favor with the roll of a dice. Players must be cunning and strategic to secure their victory!

A four-player board game where the objective is to attack the enemy flag while defending your own. Players will each start the center, each flag will be placed in its respective corner. If a player can make it to an enemy flag, and the enemy is not present, the player can take the flag and deposit it in the center of the board to eliminate that enemy. When one player remains, they are the victor.

Invaded is currently in Early Access. The games core functionality is up and running, we are cleaning up bugs and creating content. We are hoping that all of you enjoy our game. We have lots of ideas and input from you (the player) can help us make things much better. The game will be mod friendly and the next series of ideas include Workshop items for...

Custom Characters: Create and add your own custom characters to invaded

Custom Dice Skins: Make your dice stand out in the match by utilizing custom skins

Custom Flag Emblems: Show your colors and impress your foes with awesome emblems

Custom Weapons: Import and use custom weapons to crush your enemies

Grids: Create your own or download a map grid from the workshop to keep things fresh

Levels: Build and Import, or download your favorite levels to play on

Support the Project!

If you would like to help us out by supporting the project, please check out our Steam page and pick up a copy of the game. Funds go directly to the developers so they can continue to make improvements.

If you would like to join to Project, hit that contact button at the bottom of the page.